Sunday, October 14, 2012


Lifting this from elsewhere on the internet, because it has wise words to say about the way we should live our lives:

Be good to yourself. Cultivate a genuine love for life and for being. Be genuinely thankful to the Infinite Creator every day for bringing you into being and for his bountiful provision. You have survived this far, have you not? You may not have everything you want, but you have everything you need in order to complete that which you incarnated here to do. Give thanks for that. Desire to serve flows naturally from a grateful heart.

Show acknowledgment and gratitude to the Infinite Creator for all that it has done and is doing for you. It has given you the gift of life experience and offered you the free will to decide what you will create with it.

Guard your thoughts carefully, as they are more powerful than you may imagine. If you see doom and gloom, then that is what you are projecting. The world is your mirror. It reflects back to you what you are putting out. If you do not like the reflection life is showing you, then change that which is causing it.

When you are coming from a place of love for and service to your Creator, a life of service to others will become a natural outflowing from that. Always look for ways that you can be of assistance to your fellow beings. Be of encouragement to others. Build people up, and do not put people down. Be a beacon of light in a dark world.

Does that old lady need a hand with her shopping bags? How do you treat the homeless man who asks you for some spare change for the shelter? Ever heard about "angels in disguise"? Look andsee the divine spark in the heart of all beings. Treat them as you would like to be treated yourself, and as you would your Creator if he was speaking directly with you. "For even as you do it to the least of these, you do it unto me".

It is up to you how you use the tools we have given you. Whilst incarnating in the third density, negativity is still an important tool in your learning process. It teaches you "other than". Do you respond to negativity with more negativity? Or do you choose to see the negativity as the tool that it is, and recognize that it is offering you an opportunity? All souls eventually learn that positive is the pathway which leads Home.

There is a big difference between loving yourself and being selfish. When you truly understand what it is to know and love yourself, you cannot help but to love and serve others. When you understand this at the core level of your being, you will be on the path Home.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Big Bang (your mom) Theory

While reading about theoretical particle physics (a few these theories are currently under experimentation at the LHC) and, in particular, neutrinos, I started to get a bit hypomanic. This happens from time to time and, this time, I came up with a (probably bogus) theory pertaining to the Big Bang and the multiverse.


Here's a disclaimer before I get started: I haven't taken any physics classes since I was 17, and just about everything I know about particle and quantum physics were taught to me by, well, myself. So don't take this too seriously. It's mostly just a fun train of thought I thought I'd share.

Here's a synopsis of my theory:

  • Chronological cause and effect aren't the original catalysts of the Big Bang because the Big Bang (effect) required a cause. This cause, in turn, required a cause itself. And thus, we enter into a problem: thinking of the Big Bang as the initial cause of the universe is places us squarely in a logical infinite loop; it's a paradox with no solution.


  • There must be some other way to account for the existence of our universe.


  • Implicate order is another process that might lead to an effect without a chronologically preceding cause. The concept was introduced by David Bohm, and elaborated upon by Stephen Hawking, among others.


  • There are certain theoretical conditions in Einstein's theory of relativity that allow for objects traveling at velocities surpassing the speed of light that allow for matter to travel backwards in time.


  • neutrino is a particle theorized to have the ability to travel at these kinds of speeds.


  • If we can harness the neutrino's theorized ability to send information back in time, attaching, through quantum teleportation, an information-carrier to a neutrino, this new universe could inherit—through our intentional manipulations of the data being sent back in time—the initial cause required to make the Big Bang (or infinitely other universes). We would thereby create our own universe through future technologies.


  • Our universe, in turn, may have been caused by yet another universe created through the same process. This would support the possibility that there is a non-finite number of alternate universes existing within the same multi-dimensional space.



This theory does not, however, imply that we were created by an alternate universe: the possibilities are infinite, and the answers lie in the future.